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At Protempo, we work with consumer electronics brands and manufacturers to provide distribution services, online marketplace management and fulfillment, supply chain risk auditing, reverse logistics and refurbishment and remarketing of products.

Our field-tested strategies and solutions are customized for your business, meaning we can help you with what you need when you need it. Our talented team, state-of-the-art logistics systems and reliable processes ensure that you always receive great service. With Protempo, you get nothing but our best.

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2004 Year Established
5 Country Locations
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Inventory solutions

Our multinational reach allows us to offer you diverse geographic inventory solutions. Whether it be overstock management, refurbishing, or reporting and tracking, Protempo has you covered. You get maximum flexibility with less overhead, plus we provide a streamlined approach.

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Multi-channel sales and distribution

We operate out of five countries and have partnerships with retailers across the world. Thanks to our extensive reach and experienced team, we won’t keep you waiting. When you need your products in stores, count on Protempo to handle the sales and distribution process.

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E-commerce management

Protempo creates, manages and monitors your online marketplaces, including all shipping and customer service functions​. As your e-commerce manager, we take the time to learn about your pricing strategies so we can ensure that your brand’s value is protected.

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Manufacturing management

Protempo manages all things manufacturing, from product creation to the sale of products in stores or online. Whatever your manufacturing needs, we always produce high-quality merchandise that you’ll feel good about distributing.

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Refurbishing and reverse logistics

At Protempo, we deliver value for your customer returned goods, and convert dead inventory into viable re-marketable goods, which is great for the planet and for your balance sheet. We’ll work to create solutions that fit with your brand and processes.

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