Helping the back-end of Sphero’s runaway sales success

Sphero had the hottest toy in years with their revolutionary Star Wars robots.

We helped manage returns, refurbish them and remarket them without disrupting their regular channels.

The Solution
Take back customer returns, refurbish them to the highest standard, and remarket them to consumers

Sphero’s runaway success with these products left them short-handed on the back-end, due to the sheer sales volume they were seeing.

Protempo stepped in and took back customer returns from around the globe, and worked closely with Sphero on both the refurbishing process, as well as the design and manufacturing of the refurbished item packaging.

Protempo then conducted a global remarketing program to successfully sell the goods directly to consumers, keeping the regular retail and sales channels clean.

Refurbishing & Remarketing
Global returns managed efficiently

40,000+ Total units received and processed

1.5 year End-to-end refurbishing and remarketing lifecycle

“ Protempo did an amazing job! They managed a complex piece of business for us, while we were stretched with the volume of our front end sales. I would highly recommend them as a great partner. ”

— SVP of Global Sales, Sphero

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Protempo arranged for all of their returns on Star Wars Droids to be returned to a Protempo facility for refurbishing. This included all of their global inventory from Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Protempo worked with Sphero to devise a testing program that would fully encompass all of the various functions that the Droids needed to perform. This was everything from secure data erasure, mechanical testing, tactile inspections, Bluetooth functionality and battery tests. Protempo also arranged to recycle any non-functioning units.

Protempo worked closely with Sphero and Disney to produce special packaging for the refurbished units, getting approval for artwork and cardboard stock from all parties. These retail boxes were specifically left in a single color to avoid any potential misrepresentation of the product online. Any units that were not pristine, grade “A” products were sold online as “Used” in plain packaging, direct to consumers.

Protempo performed the majority of the remarketing function direct to consumer through a variety of international marketplace sites. Protempo was able to get a front-page catalogue spot on eBay for Black Friday week which helped to drive sales. Protempo was able to manage the global pricing to be as non-disruptive as possible, and ensured a consistent customer experience for all consumers who purchased. Protempo also backed the products with a direct 90-day consumer warranty to stand behind the quality of their refurbishment.




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