Providing scale to GAEMS’ innovative portable gaming environment products

GAEMS had a great product, successful beginnings and big dreams.

Protempo helps run their manufacturing and distribution, so they can focus on innovation and design.

The Solution
Managing it all, from factory to receivable

GAEMS had a great product with their highly coveted Vanguard portable gaming display, but were running out of bandwidth to bring their new ideas to market.

Protempo stepped in and worked with the GAEMS product design team to bring their visions to life. Protempo provided the capital to fund the tooling and used their extensive manufacturing contacts.

Protempo now distributes GAEMS’ innovative products in over 40 countries and 3 continents worldwide, and manages all of the manufacturing and distribution of their products.

Sales Growth
Consistent Growth Year Over Year

217% Revenue Growth from 2017 - Current

308% New retail accounts from 2017 - Current

“ GAEMS was introduced to Protempo in Q1 of 2017 as a potential distribution partner that supplied a growth strategy for major USA retailers and offered potential funding solutions for our company’s exponential growth. Since signing our first contract with Protempo, GAEMS over the past two years has doubled its top-line sales numbers. Exploring an international sales strategy with Protempo has led to successful sales in European, Australian and other markets where GAEMS struggled in the past to gain traction and profitability. The knowledge, relationships and experience provided by a Protempo partnership has led to a more profitable business model for GAEMS than we would have had without the relationship. ”

— John Smith, Co-Founder, GAEMS Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does Protempo do for GAEMS?

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Protempo assists GAEMS across the full scale of the spectrum: manufacturing management, product inspection, logistics, warehousing, supply chain management, retail distribution, B2B distribution, B2C distribution and marketplace management and accounts receivable.

Protempo’s experienced sourcing team worked with several of the world’s largest monitor manufacturers during an RFP process before choosing the factories that best met the combined goals of the companies. From here, Protempo commissioned and funded the tooling manufacturing, and facilitates all on-site inspections and QC checks for GAEMS products.

Protempo worked closely with the GAEMS sales team to ensure that their existing relationships were taken care of, and then set to work opening new accounts. This has included some of the largest big box retailers in the US and the globe.

Given that Protempo can provide a number of different services under one roof, has meant a substantial reduction in touch points and communications making the business leaner and significantly more efficient.




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