Driving incremental sales while protecting channels

Jabra was looking to increase sales on their highly-prized 65t true wireless headphones, but didn’t want to disrupt their existing channels.

We partnered their 65t with Outdoor Tech’s rugged power bank to create a unique bundle SKU that ticked all the boxes.

The Solution
Pairing two great brands and products to drive sales and protect the market

Jabra’s 65t units have been a huge success in the market. Not content to rest on their laurels, Jabra wanted to explore new sales channels.

Protempo saw an opportunity to partner the 65t with Outdoor Tech’s line of power banks, and create a unique bundle SKU that was only sold online, direct-to-consumer.

This allowed Jabra and Outdoor Tech to increase their sales, whilst preserving the MAP price of their units in the market.

Driving incremental sales

964 Units sold during the promo

0 Marketplace impressions from re-sold units

“ This was a true ‘win-win’ for all parties. We were able to sell through an increased number of our power banks and have a unique product to complement it, bringing together two great brands. ”

— CEO of Outdoor Tech

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After catching up with the teams at Jabra and Outdoor Tech on separate occasions, Protempo saw the opportunity to assist both parties in increasing their sales, but also being mindful of not cannibalizing their existing channel pricing.

This bundle was not sold anywhere in the market, other than through Outdoor Tech’s retail website. The Jabra 65t units were de-kitted from their regular retail box, and the Outdoor Tech units were bundled with them in a specially designed retail box, which prevented re-sale of the units on online marketplaces.

Outdoor Tech has a unique customer database that has hundreds of thousands of subscribers. It is a closed channel, and was the ideal conduit through which to push this bundle out to.

All production of the packaging, the de-kitting, marketing, shipping and fulfillment was all done in-house at Protempo.




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