Multi-Channel Sales & Distribution
We’ll get your products on retail shelves quickly

When you need your product in a brick-and-mortar store, we’ll get it there. Our partnerships with many of the world’s leading retailers and other distributors provide us with a global distribution network.

As a smaller company, we can also create​ individual and bespoke distribution programs to fit the needs of your brand more easily than established multinationals in this space.

Multi-Channel Sales & Distribution
Put our global network to work for your brand

Our global infrastructure allows us to provide all of our local and global services under one roof. Here’s why you can count on us to put your products on store shelves.

Retail distribution
We represent many major brands at a global retail level.

Marketing and P.O.S.
We implement key media, PR and advertising strategies.

Supplier-direct fulfilment
We fulfil retailer e-commerce orders to end customers.

Vendor pass-through
We work with brands on one-off fulfilment programs.


We have Jetson’s back

10k+ Units received and refurbished

Inventory solutions
We keep it real for Google

100k+ EOL & Refurbished items sold in 2019/20

Inventory solutions
We help Apple move their end-of-life items

250k+ Accessories sold in 2019/20

“ Protempo did an amazing job! They managed a complex piece of business for us, while we were stretched with the volume of our front end sales. I would highly recommend them as a great partner. ”

— SVP of Global Sales, Sphero

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Multi-channel sales and distribution is a strategy used by businesses to get products to customers in a variety of ways. Rather than just selling in one location, a business sells its products in many locations.

Multi-channel sales and distribution is an essential part of your business—its how you reach the widest range of potential customers. The more customers you can reach, the more product you can sell.

At Protempo, we know how important this is. We’ve worked hard to establish a global distribution network, and we’ll get your product in stores quickly.

Yes! As a smaller company, we take pride in customizing our distribution solutions for every client. We’ll work with you to provide exactly what you need.




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