Marketplace Intelligence
Shut Down The Gray Market

At Protempo, we know that online price disruption is a major challenge for brands: lost margins, upset retail partners, lost shelf space – the list of headaches goes on.

That’s why we started Marketplace Intelligence – to solve the problem of unauthorized sellers disrupting pricing online.

Marketplace Intelligence
Understand the gray market so you can stop it

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    Marketplace Intelligence aggregates vast amounts of data on sellers, pricing, inventory and buy box. Our machine learning algorithms then quantify sales and identify the top disruptors to your brand.

    We map your grey market distribution network, enabling you to truly understand and then stop the disruption. Be it product diversion, price arbitrage, promo structure, rebate scams, refurb as new, triangulation fraud – we have seen it and know how to solve it.

    We study Sellers in order to understand the structure of your distribution network and identify: Why is it happening? Who is enabling it? What you can do to fix it!

    We have Jetson’s back

    10k+ Units received and refurbished

    Inventory solutions
    We keep it real for Google

    100k+ EOL & Refurbished items sold in 2019/20

    Inventory solutions
    We help Apple move their end-of-life items

    250k+ Accessories sold in 2019/20

    “ Protempo did an amazing job! They managed a complex piece of business for us, while we were stretched with the volume of our front end sales. I would highly recommend them as a great partner. ”

    — SVP of Global Sales, Sphero

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Answers to marketplace intelligence questions

    A data, analytics and supply chain solution which empowers brands to shut down the gray market and build a healthy retail ecosystem.

    We collect huge amounts of data on your marketplace listings and use this data to understand exactly what is happening to your brand online.

    We then grade every seller and identify those sellers who are truly causing problems.

    Supply chain investigation then ties unauthorized sellers with your customers, allowing you to understand how and why your disruption is occurring and how you can fix it.

    Most of the SAAS-based MAP monitoring solutions are a combination of notification and workflow/case management systems. They notify you of never-ending MAP breaches and enable automated threat-based enforcement.

    The problem is that there is always another seller…and the big sellers aren’t scared.

    We focus on fixing the underlying problem causing online price disruption and regard sellers as the symptom rather than the cause of price disruption.

    Marketplace Intelligence provides the most comprehensive view available of the gray market networks that drive price disruption.

    We are relentlessly focused on cutting off unauthorized Gray Market Sellers, increasing marketplace prices, and growing authorized sales.




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